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Aaron Hicks Not Being Considered As An All-Star Is An Absolute Injustice To Baseball

First of all, Aaron Judge deserves this. He’s the best player right now in the American League now that Trout is going to be sidelined for a few months and he’s put on a show amongst shows in the first few months to begin the season. I went to my first game of the year last night and got to witness his greatness. When he makes solid contact on a baseball, which happens often, the sound of the ball meeting the bat is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The dude hits absolute missiles at bat after at bat and it’s just insane. Jackie Bradley Jr. is an awesome fielder, but he had no chance to catch Judge’s screaming liner hit to deep center last night. Yeah, Craig Kimbrel made him look like a 2nd grader in the 9th inning, but Kimbrel is pitching at just about the highest level you can out of the closer position right now. I won’t get into the game because Carrabis and JJ already covered that entirely, but let’s just say Masahiro Tanaka needs to be put on a cargo ship back to Japan before the weekend rolls through.

What I’m here to talk about is the injustice that is going on with the MLB All Star game voting. First of all it is OUTRAGEOUS that you need to be an opening day starter to be on the ballot for the All-Star Game. That is so fucking stupid I can’t comprehend the thinking that went into that rule. Second of all, some of the names towards the top of the AL outfielders ballot are so embarrassing it’s breaking my brain in half.

Let’s start with ABRAHAM ALMONTE. Hey dude, who are the fuck are you? Why is Abraham Almonte 13th in AL outfielders in voting? In case you thought he was having a sneaky amazing season, like for example Justin Smoak, you’re wrong. In 100 at bats Almonte is hitting .221 with a homer and six RBIs. Sick. Thanks Cleveland Indians fans for stuffing the ballot for someone who absolutely sucks.

Our very own Jacoby Ellsbury sits 15th in voting. On the year he’s hitting .281 with four homers and 14 RBIs for New York. He’s probably not even the 3rd best outfielder on his own team.

Sitting THIRD, in voting right now is Michael Brantley. Is he having a bad season by any standards? Nope, the Indians left fielder is batting .303 with five homers and 24 RBIs. Definitely useful to a team, but you’re telling me he’d be starting in the All-Star Game if voting ended today? That I cannot stand for.

So where is this outrage stemming from? Well, one of the more surprising stories in all of baseball this year, Aaron Hicks, should not only be in the top 10 of voting at minimum, but he should be right in contention for starting the game. Am I insane? Look at the numbers folks…

Hicks, now qualified for enough at bats, is 5th in the AL in batting with a cool .329 average that just continues to climb. He has more walks than strikeouts, boosting his on base percentage to .439. Giving him an absolute insane triple slash of .329/.439/1.018. Watching him play last night was a fucking joy. In the 2nd inning he judged a looping Didi Gregorious single perfectly, going first to third with ease while also drawing an errant Mookie Betts throw leading to the Yankees first run. In the top of the 6th he robbed Jackie Bradley Jr. of at least a double, maybe a triple, when he raced down a fly ball hit to deep center. With Ellsbury out indefinitely with lingering headaches from his concussion, Hicks will keep getting plenty of at bats from both sides of the plate, making him one of New York’s deadliest weapons.

So what I ask of you to do is vote for Aaron Hicks. It’s absolutely erroneous he isn’t on the ballot so it’s up to us to write him in.

It’s going to be tough to get him in at this point, but let’s at least get him more votes than Abraham Fucking Almonte.

P.S. Cashman is paying Hicks $1.35 million this year, making him one of the best deals in baseball at the moment.

P.P.S. I don’t give a shit about the Mets, but Michael Conforto is hitting .307 and on pace for 41 home runs. He should be starting the All-Star Game over Jason Heyward, period. Like not even a debate. But hey, the stupid All-Star voting rules beg to differ.

Twitter: @ehubbs13