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Top 10 Most Annoying People At Everyone's Super Bowl Party

I did this blog last year, called it Top 5 so I’m running it back but expanding on it. Some of the writes up are the same but I added more. Let’s roll. 


Super Bowl Sunday, probably the best Sunday of the year. Eating, drinking, football, parties, the whole 9. EXCEPT, these people that will undoubtedly be at your party. Avoid these people like the plague and you should be good.


10. Chili Guy/Girl

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.30.19 PM

I love chili, chili is delicious. If you made a chili for the Super Bowl that’s awesome, thank you, no seriously, I can’t cook and you cooked, good work. But for the love of god I don’t give a shit how long it took you or how many peppers you used or what type of tomatoes you diced. Keep your chili recipe to yourself bro, it’s ground beef and pinto beans, you’re not Emeril.


Sidenote – If you bring chili and don’t bring crackers you might as well have brought nothing. I need 2 sleeves of saltines for each bowl of Chili, minimum.


9. Guy who wants to talk about real life

Oh you want to ask me how my job is? Oh you want to tell me why football will cease to exist in 10 years because of concussions? Oh you want to talk about Politics? K well I want to punch your face in and throw you off a mountain. This is my last football of the year. This is sacred. Do you know how much I miss football from February to August? More than you will ever miss anything in your entire life. And it happens EVERY year. The Super Bowl is for light conversation only. If anyone tries to get too serious you have the right as an American to murder them (not actually, but also actually)


8. Halftime Guy/Girl

This is ALL they care about. The game is a fucking afterthought. If Bruno Mars doesn’t sing Grenade she will die. If the dancers don’t dance flawlessly she’ll die. If people try to talk while singers are singing she will flip the fuck out and tell everyone to shut the fuck up while simultaneously raising the TV volume to 10 billion.


7. Guy who has to sit in the bedroom and not watch the Super Bowl because he’s too fat and didn’t lose enough weight.


6. Guy Who Doesn’t Understand Football

Always one of these. The Super Bowl is the one time of the year where everyone, no matter what race, age, religion, gender, is sitting in front of a tv watching sports. So undoubtedly there will be a guy at your party that knows NOTHING about football. Which is fine. But to choose the Super Bowl as the day you want to learn more about the game and ask questions like “What is that yellow line” and “Which one’s the linebacker” is not ok. Here’s a tip. If you’re that guy, just shut the fuck up and watch the game. Nod your head, cheer when everyone else cheers and don’t say a word otherwise.


5. Girl with the Dip

Have you tried my dip? What’d you think about my dip? Did everyone like my dip? It took me 4 hours to make that dip, tell me what you think? I can give the recipe for the dip if you want? Why isn’t anyone eating my dip? The wings are good but my dip is great.

It starts innocently enough. The dip is sitting with the rest of the food. By the second quarter its on the coffee table, by the 3rd its being passed around, and by the 4th you’re sitting with a bowl of spinach artichoke cream cheese dip in your lap as a some amateur chef asks you for your 10 point taste test review. Fuck off bitch, if I don’t eat your dip it means I think it sucks. Pick up on a social cue for once otherwise everyone is going to talk shit about you when you go off to the bathroom.


Also, while we’re on the topic of dip, Double Dipping. People who don’t double dip are absolute pussies. You’re all sitting around food and breathing on shit and being gross all day long. You actually think if I put my chip in the queso twice it will spread germs? Get the fuck out of here. Sorry I like dip and want to enjoy it in large quantities. I’ll probably start sticking my fingers in there in the 4th quarter when I’m black out drunk and hungry again and you’ll just have to deal with it. Team Double Dip all day every day.


4. First Time Gambling Guy/Guy Who Doesn’t Understand Squares/Boxes

He put 20 dollars on the Ravens +4 with his boss at work. He doesn’t understand what +4 means and will make that abundantly clear when he asks you if he’s winning his bet at various points throughout the game. He then will buy some squares. He doesn’t understand how squares work either. You will waste 20 minutes of your life explaining it to it to him. The Ravens will cover, he will win squares, and will then tell everyone how fun gambling is and ask out loud if gambling is so easy why doesn’t everyone do it? This will happen. It always does.


3. Guy who gambled on too many prop bets

Will Alicia Keyes show cleavage? How many times will they mention Jack Harbaugh’s name? What color tie is Jim Nantz going to wear? Will Frank Gore have a rushing attempt that goes for exactly 12 yards? On and on it goes. This guy is the worst. He has no idea what he bet on and keeps asking everyone if they remember specific plays that NO ONE would ever care to remember. And yes, I am this guy. I suck to watch the Super Bowl with. At least I’m self aware though right?


2. Guy who doesn’t watch any of the game and then celebrates/roots the hardest.

Hasn’t watched a second of the game. Probably been talking to your girlfriend by that gross Spinach dip, then in the 4th quarter he’s standing over you screaming and yelling at the TV. Oh and make no mistake, he will 100% be rooting for the opposite of whatever your bet is, why? Because he has a cousin who is engaged to a guy who went to John Hopkins, so they’re basically from Baltimore.


1. Commercial Girl

Here’s the thing. I actually like watching the commercials. Most people do. But you know what sucks. When that one chick at the party tells everyone to shut up during EVERY commercial break because she interned at some ad firm last summer and is a huge mad men fan and wants to see what the most controversial ad is so she can post it to her tumblr. Fuck that chick. Watch the commericals, don’t watch the commercials, I don’t care, just don’t tell me to be quiet because you want to hear exactly how Danica Patrick said Go-Daddy during the 3rd quarter or whether or not the Pepsi can had too many sweat beads on it.


Honorable Mentions

-Rooting for the opposite team as everyone else just to be an asshole guy.

-Guy who makes you pause the game so he can take a picture of the PR person he is internet stalking

-Guy who accidentally hits the remote and changes the channel at a crucial part of the game

-Guy who brings his girlfriend and does PDA during the game.

-Guy who doesn’t offer the host any cash or doesn’t chip in, in anyway. Fuck this guy.


Leave any that I may have missed in the comments.