2017 Special Edition - Guess That Ass

And the answer is motherfuckin Lizzie McGuire! But as long as you a thicky-thicky-thick girl you know that it’s on! Hillary Duff STACKED. Guess That Ass is a relic of the past. A Pillar of the Old Guard of Barstool. And so its fitting that as I bring it out of retirement for today, its for a girl from that previous life as well. Hillary Duff one of the original Jailbait girls that you werent sure if she was 18 or not. Werent sure if you were allowed to talk about her that way. Fast forward to 2017 and it looks like she’s all WOMAN, man. You know shes just sitting at home right now doing the exact same thing we are – searching her name on Twitter think to yourself “Yup, still got it.”

Hillary Duff BAD. And that makes a washed up fella like myself still feel good about life. Its not all totally over yet.