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Crazy NYC Guy In Pajama Pants Starts Beating On A Random 91 Year Old Man With A Cane

NY Post- Cops have charged the whackjob who beat a 91-year-old Manhattan man with a cane Friday evening.

Saul Nunez, 19, allegedly savaged nonagenarian Juan Llorens with a walking stick on an Inwood sidewalk around 6 p.m. Friday.

The elderly victim was pushing a cart down the sidewalk on Broadway near his West 204th Street home when Nunez, who was wearing pajama pants and carrying a walking cane, clobbered the poor old man, grisly security footage shows.

It is the latest in a string of apparently random attacks on seniors — over the last two months, three other seniors were brutalized in broad daylight.

Alternate headline from the cutting room floor:  A Possible Pimp In Pajamas Pounded A Past-His-Prime Patriarch With A Pole.

Look, I get it. Senior citizens can be frustrating. If you get stuck behind an elderly person walking up the steps out of the subway, you will be late. If you see an elderly person changing in the locker room at your gym, you won’t achieve an erection for weeks an hour. But these frustrations do not warrant attacking an old man with a cane, or a walking stick, or a compass, or a nalgene bottle, or any other trekking equipment. I understand the irony of being a teenager and attacking an old man with a cane. I get that. But it’s not funny enough to overlook the monstrosity, the heinousness, of the act.

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Why do you think this lunatic went after him? He looked to be the picture of happiness. Strolling down the sidewalk in pajamas with a cane even though he’s not limping, in which case it’s clearly an accessory, in which case… is he a pimp? Does that mean the old man is a john, who refused to pay even though Zimbabwe or Pumpkin Blumpkins SPECIFICALLY said the rate was double for men over the age of 100? If that’s the case, this was completely justified. Just because you’re older than Stonehenge does not mean you get a free pass when it comes to paying for sex. Women named Charity do not work for charity. That old man needs to pay up to get up. We live in a society.