Fletcher Cox Complained About His Flight Delays, "Delta" Responds Saying They Don't Give A Shit

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Click bait! Click bait! Obviously Delta did not Kamakizee themselves into PR suicide by telling anyone, let alone a famous NFL player, they don’t give a shit about their flight being delayed. That was the prankster known as Eagles DE Chris Long. A fine natured ribbing worthy of a double take and a chuckle. Nothing got messy. Well, except for the Delta social media intern’s pants after they promptly got shat when this hit the streets. The only thing worse than fucking up is the anxiety of realizing you could’ve fucked up without realizing you did anything wrong. Does that even make sense? Probably not. Regardless, it’s good to see these new teammates joking around with each other. Cause we all know Culture Wins Football, baby!!!

But is a bit awkward when the giant beast from backwoods Mississippi chooses to end some Tweets like an 7th grade cheerleader. Be badder, Fletcher.

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