Peyton Manning Just Golfed with Trump. Let the Outrage Games Begin.

The HillFormer NFL quarterback Peyton Manning was seen Sunday at the White House, according to multiple reports.

A photojournalist from The New York Times tweeted out a photo.

Manning and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) reportedly joined Trump at Trump National Golf Club on Sunday.

I am shocked – SHOCKED! – to learn an NFL quarterback could ever go golfing with the president. It’s an outrage. OUTRAGE I tells you.

I mean, let’s assume this future first-ballot Hall of Famer has a mother, a wife, a daughter. What does he say to them when he’s out playing 18 with the Pussy Grabber in Chief? Doesn’t he care about their right to healthcare? How can he go around lining up putts and searching for the lost balls of the very man who’s responsible for rape culture and still go home to these women?

I demand he account for himself! We deserve to hear him personally disavow the president. And an apology. Otherwise I’ll have to assume he supports every single misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, nativist, Islamophobic and anti-working class policy of this hate monger. And I’ll never be able to hear him talk about football or plug products on TV without thinking about how he supports the man who has so poisoned the culture and is destroying the planet.

Oh. Wait. It’s Peyton Manning? My bad. I was thinking of some other legendary quarterback. Peyton is cool. He’d never touch a woman in an unwanted way, cheat to gain a competitive edge, cover up evidence or actually support Trump. He’s too lovable a guy. He’s America’s Sweetheart with the way he eats pizza, hangs out in diners and sings jingles. And he’d certainly never put a MAGA hat in his locker like SOME QBs.

No, we’re still cool with Peyton. Nothing to see here folks. Nothing to see here.