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New York Observer Reporter In England Offers 50,000 Pounds To Any ISIS Terrorist That Kills Him In A Sword Fight

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Daily MailA journalist has offered ISIS £50,000 to fight him after posing outside Parliament with a sword in a bizarre stunt.

Andre Walker, a columnist for the New York Observer, posted a picture of himself with his cutlass on Twitter outside the House of Commons.

He said: ‘A bounty on my head. Any #ISIS terrorist that kills me gets £50k. I’ll give my address. No police. But I’ve got a sword. Good luck.’

The bizarre stunt took place just 12 hours after three jihadi fanatics killed seven and injured 48 in central London.

However Walker, who has spent his career covering Parliament as a Lobby Correspondent, was quickly mocked for his ill-timed stunt.

Walker responded: ‘They are cowards who blow up kids and run people over. I’m suggesting a fair fight…with me.’
He later said that he would be ‘changing his will on Monday.’

Absolutely tragic news coming out of London this weekend after yet another terror attack.  Another handful of terrorist cowards taking their deranged world views out on innocent people including women and children.  We didn’t need the reminder but just more and more proof that the world is a scary, scary place.

But you know who’s not even close to scared?

New York Observer reporter Andre Walker.

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While others hunkered down locking their doors and nervously checking the news, Andre Walker pulled his step ladder out of the closet, brought it over to the mantle, climbed up, snatched his finest samurai sword out of its display case, and hopped a taxi over to Parliament to challenge ISIS to a fight.  Mano a mano.  His sword versus the best you got.  The “come at me, bro” move on steroids.

Sure he got mocked relentlessly on the internet and by his fellow media members.  You think he’s backing down?  No sir.

The former Breitbart writer told the Mirror he stood by his tweet.

He said: ‘As a freeman of the City of London I have a sword. And my offer to any terrorist is this: why don’t you pick on someone your own size.

Read his own explanation for why he did it:

…I made a decision, to offer the terrorists something irresistible, the opportunity to silence one of their biggest critics and get a large reward.

But every game has rules, and I am a sword owner, so those terrorists need to expect me to be there waiting to fight them.

As a result of this offer, I’ve had three million views on my Twitter today, but not one request to fight me.

Most newspapers said they’d win—and maybe they would—but they don’t have the guts to try.

Last night I did not cower at home; I went out with my friends in London.

Tomorrow, when you go out, think to yourself that the ‘terrorists’ were so terrifying they wouldn’t even take on a middle-aged fat guy with a sword.

I have nothing but contempt for people who think blowing up children makes them hard. Or that stabbing people in the street is bravery. It really is not.

Light a candle and cry if that makes you happy, but what makes me happy is the sure knowledge that every single one of these terrorists is weak and spineless. They’re not going to kill me, and they’ll never claim the £50k.

When I say I’m not afraid, I’m telling the truth.

He’s the hero the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll mock him with Photoshops. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian.  A watchful protector.  And he owns a sword.