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Gotta Respect The Hell Out Of Albert Pujols HR Number 600 Pimp Job

Why do I feel nobody cares about home runs the way we used to as kids? I feel like they used to break into local games to show coverage of guys about to hit their 500th HR, and tonight Pujols belted number 600 and I’m not even sure most people knew he was at 599. Has caring about the number of HRs guys hit become taboo? Maybe it’s a good things it’s kind of fallen by the wayside, because after Miggy and possibly Beltre, it might be a while til we see someone hit the 500 mark, nevermind 600 mark

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 12.17.53 AM

Maybe a guy like Jose Bautista can limp in, and then we’re looking at…Ryan Braun? Maybe Edwin Encarnacion can stay hot and do it, but he has to get popped at some point.

But any the way, before I got distracted, Pujols hit number 600 tonight and he pimped the life out of it

Hunter Strickland is going to be SO MAD when he sees that.

Good for Pujols, who could be the most under-appreciated player our generation watched play. A lot flashier guys always got all the glamour and glory, while all Pujols did was put up huge numbers year in and year out. 12 straight seasons to start his career with 30+ HRs, with the first 10 hitting .300 or over. Then he had another 40 HR year 2 seasons ago at age 35. Depending on how long he wants to play, 700+ isn’t out of the realm of possibility at all.