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The 100 Greatest Quotes From "The Wire" Take Us Into The Weekend

No better way to end the week than with the greatest TV show ever, which just so happened to debut 15 years ago today. The only show that can touch it in my book is Game of Thrones, but unless the next 13 episodes are out of this world, the king will stay the king in my power rankings (But both are obviously on my Mount Rushmore of TV with Breaking Bad and The Sopranos since it’s basically Mount Rushmore season). I’ve watched the entire aeries at least 5 times and there is still nothing better than Omar (my favorite character) putting Levy (my least favorite character) in a proverbial bodybag. And for the record my season rankings are 4, 3, 1, 2, 5. 2 gets a bad rap and is much better when you rewatch it.

Have a great weekend everybody!