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Tiger Woods When Asked His Hair Color: "Mostly Brown And Fading"

Eldrick with the jokes! The GOAT. What a moment that was. Laugh out loud funny. We’ve all been talking about Tiger’s hair forever and he finally address with a perfectly timed joke. Who would’ve thought Tiger’s most likable moment in years would come when he’s handcuffed and in police custody for DUI? I sure as shit didn’t see that coming. He even made the cops laugh. I’m so back on Tiger’s team it’s not even funny. I never really left but I’m very much here for a funny, self deprecating Eldrick.

Here’s the full breathalyzer video. Not much to it. There is a part where the woman keeps telling him to “keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing” that I laughed at but that’s case I’m 5 years old

PS- A lot of people have been saying this but Tiger looks absolutely YOKED in all of these videos. Dude looks like he has been doing nothing but shoulder shrugs for 10 straight months.