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The French President Cuck Speeched Trump In Response To Pulling Out Of Paris Climate Agreement

I didn’t know cuck speeches existed until I heard this cuck speech. This Macron dude steps up there, in his super Frenchified English, and cuck speeches the shit out of Donnie. A message to all scientists, enjaineers, ontrupeneurs, and responsible citizens to kick that fuckboi U.S. to the curb and come spend a couple slutty nights in Paris. Geopolitical cuck city. Like walking right up to some hot blonde holding hands with her guy at the bar and saying, “To all zee hot blondes disappointed with their fuckbois, I want to say, you will find in Riggs, an opportunity to get weird.” Psycho move but also ballsy.

Then of course he finishes by hitting him with the slogan cuck — Make Our Planet Great Again, while giving the camera those “I’m an African orphan trying to get adopted during this commercial” eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.47.35 AM

Gotta imagine Macron convinced here at least a few battered explorative folks to jump on that scientific, pro-climate French dick.