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Martin Kaymer Says Everyone Needs To Stop Being So Nasty To Tiger Woods And I Agree

Well I have no choice but to love Martin Kaymer forever now I guess. Kaymer out here rushing to the defense of Tiger Woods. Anybody who loves Tiger Woods the way I love Tiger Woods is a friend of mine. We’re in this together. Because there’s not many of us left. The army of Tiger defenders gets smaller and smaller with every back injury and DUI arrest. People are gonna be nasty to Tiger because he’s an easy target. It’s up to us to stay strong as Tiger recovers. Not to mention everything Kaymer said here is extremely true. Tiger is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge HUGE HUGE reason golf is as popular as it is now. You don’t exactly need a brain to know that. You can see it in guys like Jordan Spieth and Jason Day and Rickie Fowler. Professional golfers who are also giant Tiger Woods fans cause they grew up on him. And Tiger is also the reason the game of golf is as lucrative as it is. Every golfer in 2017 should fall to their knees and bow to Tiger for what he’s given them. He’s the reason they can stuff their pockets with cash by playing the game of golf. Shoutout to Martin Kaymer.



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