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Respect This Former 7-Eleven Owner Who Opened A 6-Twelve Across The Street In Southie

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(CBS)First there was 7-Eleven in South Boston, now there’s a 6-Twelve. A South Boston man was so upset with 7-Eleven that he opened his own store across the street on East Broadway. Abu Musa once owned the 7-Eleven franchise across the street but got mad over the parent company’s practices.  Musa says he wanted to pull the hot food from his 7-Eleven because it didn’t sell, but the company wouldn’t let him. He eventually lost his franchise and settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. Now, he opened his own rival store: 6-Twelve. “Whatever, whenever they want they can bring into the store and we have no option, no choice but to accept it,” said Musa. “Because they said you signed the paperwork.” Half of his customers are ones from his 7-Eleven days who heard about his story and want to support him.

I’m gonna ignore the fact that when Abu Musa said “Whatever, whenever they want they can bring into the store and we have no option, no choice but to accept it because they said you signed the paperwork” he sounds like a real idiot, because that’s what a contract is. I can’t exactly bitch that I need to post blogs or do podcasts because that’s what’s in the paperwork I signed, you know?

But still, how can you not love a good underdog story like this? Everyone dreams of losing their job then giving a giant middle finger to their old bosses. You want to try and take away my livelihood? Well guess what, I’ll strike it out on my own! I’ll make a name for myself! Take my 7-Eleven, that’s fine, I’ll open a 6-Twelve… I’ve got no shortage of number combinations.

Granted, if we’re gonna nitpick then the name should either be 6-Ten or 8-Twelve so you keep the ratio uniform, but whatever. 6-Twelve has a cooler logo.