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Jon Jones Went On A Late Night Twitter Tirade About Alexander Gustafsson Yesterday

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Late last night, Jon Jones went on an absolute online tear about Alexander Gustafsson saying he’d be rooting for Daniel Cormier in their fight at UFC 214. It was almost Trump-esque, where it was just so over the top it was eye roll worthy, but it was missing a few viral typos.

Who’s Daniel Gus?

You could say he didn’t finish, so that’s his “lack of heart”, but I think the real reason he didn’t win is because he juuuust edged out Cormier and Jones. In this sport, you have to make the victory very clear to take the gold off of the reigning champion.

No, you’re not a champion because you got high, hit a pregnant woman with your car, and ran from the scene. Oh, and you’re also not a champion because when you came back from that suspension you got suspended again for alleged “dick pills” that were allegedly an excuse for steroids.

Love the word “dork” as an insult.

See: above.

I know some MMA hardos will hate on me for hating Jon Jones as much as I do, because he’s the GOAT (I mean this literally, he is the greatest. fighter. of. all. time.), but he’s also a fucking asshole. Love watching him fight, hate watching him succeed over good people.

Gus had some pretty good responses when he woke up in the morning:

(Tagging USADA there was such a nice touch, got a little USADA high five, “Bam we got him”)

I just need to see Jon Jones lose. I don’t care if it’s to DC, if it’s to Gustafsson, if he moves up to Heavyweight and it’s to Stipe Miocic, somebody just beat this man.

P.S. This blog took me longer than it should have because I had to go incognito to retrieve Jon Jones’ tweets. Why? Because that pussy blocked me on Twitter. Now who do we think is ducking fights?