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An Argument Between Two Florida Beach Bros Over Throwing Broken Beer Bottles Went Up In Intensity At Record Speeds

So right away the sucker punch from a dude in acid washed jeans, a side tattoo, and no shirt sets the tone: The guy in the shorts is our hero. He’s defending the undoubtedly classy streets of Nokomis Beach, Florida from guys being drunken assholes, throwing beer bottles that could end up hurting a local kid, generally being belligerent dicks. That’s a hero move. So I’m willing to forgive these kicks to a downed, possibly brain bleeding man:

And the guttural screams. And the fact that it seemed like once that sucker punch hit that this dude may have gone criminally insane for a moment. It all came from a good place. Like a cowboy coming into an Old West town and shooting all the bandits…yeah technically people witnessed a murder but ultimately their lives are all the better for it sooooo where’s the problem? Cops don’t have time for dumb shit like this. Teach the dude in the shorts how to meditate and let him dole out some vigilante justice to anyone who dares desecrate the sanctity of his beach town. The Point Break/Roadhouse combo that the world never knew it needed.

Also I have to give a quick shoutout to shorts guy’s MMA transitions. They weren’t the neatest ones ever but getting the guy into full guard and reversing to a mount was quite the move. Not as beautiful as a pro UFC fighter but that Florida white trash jiu jitsu may be just as effective in the street as its Brazilian cousin.