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We’re teaming back up with Drafstreet and kicking it off with a big time $10,000 free roll for the Super Bowl. Costs absolutely nothing to enter. First prize is $1,000. So that’s zero dollars to win 1,000, not too bad right?  All you gotta do is draft any 6 players. Max of 5 players from 1 team and stay under the $100,000 Salary Cap.


Also, the top 375 finishers get free entry into a $150,000 NBA Draftstreet challenge next Wednesday where first prize is $50,000. So you just turned you’re zero dollars into $1,000 and then another $50,000. American dream stuff right there.


Also op 100 finishers in the Super Bowl challenge get a free Barstool hoodie. Do you need any more convincing? Because thousands of dollars and free clothes should just about do it as far as I’m concerned.