Rickie Fowler Makes It Official With Allison Stokke

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So this was a few days ago and and not exactly new information. Rickie Fowler making his relationship with viral pole vaulter Allison Stokke official with a #RickFoundaChick hashtag. They’ve had Instagram posts of them hanging out overt the past couple of months but nothing official. Looks like they’re officially a couple now. I’m happy for Rick and also not happy at the same time. I’m glad he found someone. That’s great and everybody deserves to find somebody. BUT, and I’ve said this before, it’s a damn shame that all of these young, rich and famous golfers are getting girlfriends. I want them out and about. I want them partying all night and bedding multiple girls a weekend like a young Frank Sinatra. I suppose that’s a fantasy land request. It has to be nice for these guys to have stability in their chaotic lives. So good for Rick. But also not. I’m torn.