Ludacris Will Be Performing At Game 1 Of The NLL Championship. Bye Haters


“Nobody cares about lacrosse” 

“It’s a niche sport for rich white frat boys who are too soft to play football”

“yada yada yada you got cut from your JV baseball team and then hooked up with all of our girlfriends yada yada yada”

The lacrosse haters have been around forever and they’ve been saying the same shit over and over again. But guess what, bitches? That all comes to an end today. Because Ludacris–yes, THE Ludacris–will be performing at halftime of Game 1 of the NLL Champion’s Cup between the Georgia Swarm and the Saskatchewan Rush. The same Ludacris who brought us bangers such as Rollout…

Southern Hospitality…

Pimpin’ All Over The World…

…will be performing live at the NLL Champion’s Cup. I’m sorry but remind me again who the NFL had performing at halftime of the Super Bowl this year? Lady Gaga? That shit is like Kidz Bop compared to landing Ludacris. And the best part about it? It’ll be streaming on Twitter for free. $Free.99. You just can’t beat that. You’ll be able to watch studs like the Thompson brothers and Mark Matthews light up goalies at will. And then in between all that madness, we’ve got Ludacris putting on the show of a lifetime. And you bozos out there still think that lacrosse isn’t mainstream.

P.S. – I’ve said this a few times in the past but the indoor game needs to really take off in America because it’s just so much better from an entertainment perspective. I love field lacrosse and that’s what I grew up playing my whole life. But box is definitely built for TV more than field. You’ve got the shotclock, you’ve got the smaller field so it’s more up-and-down action, you have fewer rules for casual fans to learn and you have more physicality. Plus you get highlights like this.

So the fact that we get the Thompson brothers going up against Mark Matthews and the Rush for the NLL Champion’s Cup is going to be huge for the league. The Thompsons are a highlight reel every time they touch the ball. The Rush are going for their 3rd straight Champion’s Cup. I’m sure the Twitter ratings aren’t anything to boast about but it’ll be hard for anybody who accidentally finds themselves tuning in this weekend to not like the product they’re seeing. Plus there’s Luda.