Two Camels Hold Up Traffic As They Fuck In The Middle Of The Street

This situation obviously seems weird to humans but think how weird this is for those camels. Or any animal that gets caught fucking in a public human place. That’s gotta be the weirdest feeling ever. I think about that a lot. How animals must think that humans are the weirdest creatures. We are nothing like anything else that roams around. Not only that, but we dominate just about everything. Just look at the mounted camel’s face. He’s like, “What are y’all looking at? Huh? What the hell are you things anyway? Walking around on your two legs, gawking at me and my lady friend. Why did you build this damn road right here? This is my fuckin’ spot. Everybody knows that.” The camel moaning was a little too much for me if we’re being honest. Gonna be weird for anybody who watches that video and feels a lightning bolt hit the tip of their penis when they hear that camel moaning.