Motor Boating A Fan Is The Ideal Lingerie Football League Touchdown Celebration

TMZ- Antonio Brown ain’t got nothin’ on Shea Norton — who celebrated a TD in the Legend’s Football League by going full motorboat on a female fan!! Shea — a tight end on the Seattle Mist — caught a 9-yard out pattern and took it to paydirt in the Mist’s 106-0 victory over the Denver Dream. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY — A 106 POINT VICTORY. But even crazier than the score, was Shea’s celebration.  By the way, to the guy who reached over and slapped her ass … THAT’S ASSAULT!


Mark Cuban’s tweet yesterday during the Hunter Strickland/Bryce Harper Brawl just about sums up how I feel about this wonderful act of love committed by a star player in seemingly the world’s greatest professional sports league, the Lingerie Football League.

You barely watch something throughout the course of your life and then you stumble upon one of its finest moments. Imagine turning on your TV with no prior knowledge of a game and seeing that Harper fight, the Rangers/Devils line brawl in 2012, Malice at the Palice, or a girl in lingerie stuffing her face in some fan’s rack after scoring a touchdown in 106-0 blowout? You’re hooked for life!

I’m gonna have to do everything in my power to get more LFL in my life now. I’m probably going to have to purchase an LFL streaming service to bet on the occasional game and watch for more glorious celebrations. I need it like a drug in my veins.

PS: Shoutout to the dude that reached over like 3 people to slap Shea’s ass a couple of times in celebration. That’s assault, brotha!