Honey Will You Marry Me In This Hot Air Balloon Ahhhhhhhhh We Crashed!

Mashable- The balloon plummeted and got caught in a tree, where the pilot fired the burner to break free. It worked — but that only meant being dragged by the wind for another 100 to 200 feet. In the end, the 10 passengers were OK, including Christine Peters and Stephen Martin, who had just become engaged before the balloon started going down. “Looking at it now, I’m actually glad we went out because it was kind of like an adventure,” Martin told WTOL in Toledo, Ohio. “And plus seeing how I proposed to her, it makes for an awesome story.” Cute! Although maybe they should get married safely on the ground.


Dude who the hell was flying that hot air balloon? Tiger Woods (topical joke)? Worst hot air balloon operator of all time. You have one job and that’s get the damn thing off the ground. I’m not saying I could fly a hot air balloon better than that guy but maybe I could. I think anybody could. It wouldn’t take much. All you gotta do is pull that thing that shoots fire and you’re up up and away. Hot air balloon operators are just failed airplane and helicopter pilots, right? That’s how I view them. Too many gadgets and levers and doodads in an airplane cockpit. Not in a hot air balloon. There’s one doodad and it’s pretty straight forward.   And no I don’t believe in this stuff but some might say that your hot air balloon crashing to the earth multiple times after a proposal isn’t the best sign for a marriage.