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If Tiger Woods Successfully Recited The National Anthem Backwards While Blackout That Is More Impressive Than Anything He Accomplished on the Golf Course


DM – He was asked to perform a Walk & Turn first according to the affidavit, but ‘could not maintain starting position,’ ‘missed heel to toe each time,”stepped off line several times’ and ‘used arms for balance.’ Woods also ‘stopped walking to steady self’ at one point notes the report. He next was asked to perform a One Leg Stand, and was unable to raise his leg off the ground six inches, placing his foot down ‘several times’ while he tried to complete the test. The Finger To Nose seemed to confuse Woods, who despite having the instructions explained to him multiple times and claiming he understood what was being asked of him failed to complete the task as ordered according to the report.

The fifth test went much better however for Woods, who completed the Romberg Alphabet by reciting the national anthem backwards, though the report noted he did need the task explained to him ‘several times.’

So I saw that Trent say that Sportscenter photoshopping Tiger Woods mugshot was the weirdest part of his DUI story. Umm with all due apologies to the Four Play guys THIS is by far the strangest part of the Tiger Woods arrest.   According to the arrest affidavit Tiger was basically out on his feet. He had no idea where he was. He couldn’t touch his finger to his nose. He couldn’t stand on one leg. He couldn’t do anything.   But somehow he was able to do this. To recite the National Anthem backwards. Umm who the fuck can say the National Anthem backwards? That’s legit impossible. I’d need pen and paper and at least 2 months of studying and memorization to pull this off. It’s so bizarre and so shocking that it just can’t be true. I’ve been sitting here for an hour and only words I can do so far is “Brave the of Home”. It’s legit impossible task without hard core studying and even then it may be impossible. So I don’t know what game the cops and Tiger are trying to run here, but this didn’t happen. It just couldn’t have.  So fucking strange to include a blatant lie like this in the story.