Tiger Woods Says A Mix Of Pain Medications Caused His DUI, Not Alcohol

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Listen I’m willing to shovel enormous amounts of shit for Tiger Woods. ENORMOUS amounts. It’s really all I’ve been doing for him for like the past 8 years. He tries to make a comeback and fails, I shovel. He tries to make 5 more comebacks and fails 5 more times, I shovel. He tries to pull off every facial hair style under the sun and fails, I shovel. He tries to make everyone believe that he can pull off whatever the fuck is going on with his hair and fails, I shovel. This though? This? Saying his DUI arrest didn’t involve alcohol? Come on man. I’m not gonna shovel that shit. Then why did he refuse the breathalyzer? That seems odd. If he hadn’t been drinking then he should’ve been more than happy to take a breathalyzer. And where was he going at 3am on pain meds? This just REEKS of spin zone from Tiger and his camp. REEKS. And normally I’d be the first one to buy it hook, line and sinker. But this is too much. Admit that you were boozed up behind the wheel, take the punishment and the public humiliation and let’s build this fucking thing back up.