Kyle O'Quinn Dunking All Over Josh Norman's Face During A Celebrity Hoops Game Just Made My Memorial Day Weekend

SEND IT IN BLACK IRISH!!! Kyle O’Quinn shouldn’t have to buy a beer in the Tri-State area after that dunk. Knicks fans already loved O’Quinn. But going out and putting Josh Norman’s ass on YouTube for life puts him on another level. Fuck it, put his number in the rafters next to Billy Joel and Elton John since we won’t have any numbers up there for a while. Especially if Porzingis skips town the millisecond he can.

And yeah I know that was a basketball player dunking on a football player. But I can’t get enough of watching Josh Norman on the wrong side of a highlight. I need a Pros vs. Josh show where different New York athletes throw him around like a rag doll. We already have the basketball highlight. And Odell Beckham already took care of the football side of things.

Maybe we can let Aaron Judge or Michael Conforto hit a few to Neptune off Norman like he was a Mets reliever. And maybe Mick Foley can throw Josh Mysterio Jr. off a Hell in a Cell too.


However I do feel bad for these guys. They won’t be able to sleep for weeks after witnessing that murder in person.



Don’t be scared of Kyle, ladies. He’s a lover not a fighter.


This feels like the first positive Knicks blog I’ve written in a year and it was pretty refreshing. Can’t wait to see what #SuperTeam Phil builds this summer!

h/t IA