Songs of the American League West

Songs of the American League West

The sixth in a series looking at team songs in Major League Baseball by division.

Perhaps no sport lends itself to music than baseball, as “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” has become the official anthem of the seventh inning stretch. However, most teams have their own songs written specifically for them and this does not include the series of songs recorded by Terry Cashman who after did special editions of “Talkin’ Baseball for most of the Major League Baseball teams.

Houston Astos

“Go Go Astros”

As the Houston Astros became contenders and won their first division title in 1980, they had a new popular song as the back drop. Recorded in both Spanish and English by Mick Hayes the song “Go Go Astros” has country western sound, and was produced by Elliott and Walter Bennett. The song makes you reminisce about the classic exploding scoreboard graphics that used to align the back wall of the Astrodome.

Los Angeles Angels

“Angels Baseball March”

Founded in 1961, the Los Angeles Angels brought California baseball to the American League. The team was owned by the famous signing cowboy Gene Autry. However, Autry never performed a song for his team, instead the Angels who in the 70’s were called the California Angels had a instrumental jingle called the “Angels Baseball March”. The song has lyrics, “California Angels A-OK”.

Seattle Mariners

“My Oh My”

The Seattle Mariners never had an official team song, but following the death of longtime announcer Dave Niehaus, Grammy Award winning rapper Macklemore created a moving tribute, entitled “My Oh My” after Niehaus’ famous catchphrase.

Texas Rangers

“Ode to the Texas Rangers”

After struggling in their first two seasons, the Texas Rangers made a surprise run at the Western Division in 1974. This led a local group, the Mark Singletary Band to create a tribute to the team that would be played regularly at Arlington Stadium over the next decade.


The Oakland Athletics have never had an official team song, this includes their stays in Philadelphia and Kansas City.

We will continue with future looks at sports and music dedicated to teams and players down the road.

Note I have gone back and added a Kansas City Royals song I was given by a fan on twitter, sometimes things get by me and it’s great to have fans help and correct me when I am wrong.

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