Russian Mom Beats Up Her Son After He Loses His MMA Fight

Mean? Sure. Unnecessary? Not at all.

This is where you gotta tip your cap to Russia. Are they all crazy, hacking sons of bitches who live on vodka? I suppose. But they’re not about that participation trophy life. They have winners and they have losers and that’s it. Russia’s always been and always will be your no nonsense uncle who comes to the family gathering and is weird and gets drunk the tries to wrestle you. They’re definitely off, but you gotta love them.

No one encapsulates that better than this mom right here. Son is bleeding out on the ground? American moms would try and clean him up like the little sissies they are. Not Russian moms, they’re gonna beat your ass again. How dare you lose that fight? How DARE you, you pussy idiot? No supper for you.