Passing Out Drunk And Sleeping On A Random Person's Trunk As They Drive For 14 Miles Seems Dangerous

WFTV- It’s a story almost too strange to be true. A drunk man passes out and goes for a ride on the trunk of a stranger’s car down a busy Memphis interstate, and neither the drunk man nor the driver knew it. It’s amazing this man didn’t fall off the car and get run over.

The man crawled up on the back of the car with a trunk that’s only about 14 inches wide. He was apparently curled up and passed out. Thankfully, an Memphis Police Department officer spotted him, but not before he went on a ride that he doesn’t remember. On the other hand, it’s a trip the driver will never forget.

“There’s no way to describe it. It’s unbelievable,” said Carl Webb. Webb and his wife were leaving Barbecue Fest on Thursday night in downtown Memphis. They had backed their car into a parking space at Carolina and Riverside. “We came down the aisle, walked right to the car, opened it up on both sides then we got in the car.” It was dark out and Webb’s sunshade was stuck up, so he couldn’t see what was on his trunk.

Webb had driven 14 miles with the uninvited and unaware passenger sleeping on his 14-inch-wide trunk. “I have no explanation other than that little lip right there saved his life.” The officer had to wake the man up. Webb said the man was so drunk, he started to stumble into traffic and the officer grabbed him.

You have to be a special kind of wasted to stay asleep on someone’s trunk as they drive for 14 FUCKING MILES. Nonstop dartying for days. Maybe even weeks. To have your body basically turn into a bag of cement on a moving car and avoiding death or injury is some real deal Final Destination shit.

I mean I am always amazed when I wake up from a blackout somehow back in my bed. I can’t remember how I got home or basically the entire 2nd half of the night. But I always end up safe and sound under the blankets. That shit blows my mind and that’s when I am paying someone to drive me home inside their car. I don’t know how I coherently said my address to the cab driver let alone (in Boomer Berman voice) rumbled, stumbled, and bumbled out of the bar, into a cab, and back inside the house. So shout out to this crazy motherfucker for surviving this ride. Most people would say he should take a break from drinking. But I say there is no better time to drink up and celebrate life than on Memorial Day Weekend after you defied all the rules of physics to stay on that trunk.

h/t Caroline