First Person Footage Of Bear Attack Is Pretty Much The Scariest Thing Possible

Now I’m no expert hunter, except for in The Oregon Trail where I killed wayyyy too much meat than I could carry back. Those buffalo stampedes were a glorious blessing in disguise. But maybe, just maybe, this guy shouldn’t waltz into bear territory while armed solely with a bow and arrow. Might as well have went in with a Nerf Gun. And I suppose people can question if that clip is fake or not as it’s NOT from Russia, where it could also feature an Alien shoving a Leprechaun up a Unicorn’s butt and I still wouldn’t second guess it’s authenticity. Some serious crazy shit goes down behind the iron curtain. Even so, it’s still scary stuff imagining one of these things closing the gap on your jugular. Not fun. Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. Especially when Mama Bear is looking out for her cubs. This one I keep posting over and over again because I like to remind you when the sign says don’t feed the bears, man you better not feed the bears, is NOT fake. Shit, I would like you to meet pants.