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Student's Service Dog Gets His Picture In The Yearbook, Absolutely Crushes It

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ABC News- One school made sure that a student’s furry friend was remembered in the yearbook. Andrew “AJ” Schalk, 16, a junior at Stafford High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, goes to school every day with his service dog, Alpha. Schalk told ABC News that he and Alpha, a black Labrador, were paired Jan. 2, 2014, after Schalk was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on July 9, 2009. Getting Alpha was a community affair, as Schalk had to raise $25,000 to get his dog trained properly, and leaned on his classmates along with his parents’ co-workers and friends. He said of Alpha, “He can predict 20 to 40 minutes before my blood sugar goes low or high, and that saves me from huge blood sugar spikes and drops and also benefits my health overall.”

Nailed it. Great job being a service dog from that good boy. Even greater picture from that good boy in the yearbook. This kid obviously didn’t make up having diabetes but if I were a high school kid in 2017 I would 1000% pretend to need a service dog. Why not? And if they didn’t let me have one then I’d sue for million of dollars. Simple as that. Win win. Can you imagine how much better school would’ve been if you had a dog following you around the whole time? That applies to any situation but especially school. School suuuuuuuuucked. You forget just how much school sucked cause its been so long but school SUCKED. I’m not talking about college. I’m talking about high school. College was awesome because you have the option to skip class, smoke weed all day and nobody cares. High school though? You skip and your mom finds out, your dad finds out, your aunts and uncles find out and you get super grounded. It was never worth it. BUT include a dog into the high school equation and I’d have had perfect attendance. Guaranteed.