God Needs To Create A Contract Where Allen Iverson Is Required To Be Interviewed On A Daily Basis

That’s it. All I need in this world is AI talking about what’s on his mind and telling stories about the glory years. It’s blissfully entertaining 100% of the time, every time. Some might say there’s nothing special about Iverson “Rapping With Rappaport” here, then all of a sudden he whips out a Jordan trash talking Aaron McKee story and BAM! Instant nostalgia wood. Now I’m all riled up thinking of the likes of Theo Ratliff, George Lynch, and that delightful ogre Todd MacCulloch. If the thought of a 7ft Canadian male with club feet who used to play with the Sixers gives me a semi wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Get on it, God. Just a taste of The Answer is all I need every day. Anything over that might be damaging to both him and myself, so keep it short and sweet. Nobody keeps it more real on a live mic than AI. The man never gave a fuck, and never will. Gotta love it. Long live The Answer.