Adidas Has One Chance To Not Screw Up The NHL Jerseys. But That's It

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I feel like right off the bat I’ve been pretty skeptical of Adidas coming in and taking over the uniforms in the NHL. Even though Reebok falls under the umbrella of Adidas and there’s really not a ton of difference between the two, I still associate Adidas was soccer and associate soccer with horrifically atrocious uniforms. Maybe the uniforms themselves aren’t so bad but the fact that it’s just a giant billboard for advertisers. Either way, I just want soccer to stay the fuck away from hockey. Last thing we need is more divers out there.

But the switch is happening next season and there’s nothing we can do about it. 13 teams are letting Adidas get their paws on their jersey design. Obviously the Golden Knights are getting a completely new design considering they’ve never had one to begin with. Other teams may just be getting a tweak here or there. But the fact that the Bruins are letting Adidas make some changes worries me a bit. This will be the first Original Six team Adidas works with and if they do anything to cheapen up a classic sweater like that, we’ll have no other choice but to shun them from the hockey world for the rest of forever.

I’m ready to give them a chance though. But that’s all they get. One chance. You’ve got 13 uniforms this year. Don’t screw them up and maybe I’ll be willing to see what they can do the year after that for some other teams. But the second they even think about making the NHL jerseys look like some Euro league trash, it’s over. Until then, however, let’s hold our fire.

P.S. – Adidas better put some green back in the Devils’ uniforms.