Justin Bieber Covering Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble' Is A Hard No For Me

Nope. Hard nope. We’ve been over this, Justin. Remember? Remember when you covered 2Pac’s “Thugz Mansion” and it was hot garbage? Well same hoes for covering any Kendrick Lamar song. Leave that to the people who made the song in the first place. The Biebs has all the talent in the world but the doesn’t include covering rap songs. It just doesn’t. Clearly. The people around JB probably pump his tires and say he’s the best rapper of all time but it’s just not true. I’ve come to love Justin Bieber. He makes fire flames hits on a seemingly endless loop. He can do no wrong musically…….until he steps to the mic with hip hop on his mind. Then it’s an endless loop of me trying to simultaneously cover my eyes and my ears. It’s awful.