Gronk Has Made His Music Video Debut. It's As Gronk As It Gets.

I’m gonna ignore the fact that to me the concept of this video and the message of the song seem to greatly contrast each other, do they not? The song is about how “you’ve” been on my mind, the video is a look inside Gronk’s mind where it’s basically just titties, which I imagine is quite true to character.

Nevertheless, what I wouldn’t have given to be a fly on the wall during the pitch for this one. I assume it went something like Kramer’s Java World settlement. 3Lau and his lawyers entered the negotiation ready to offer Gronk like 100k up front and 5% on all record sales but he jumped out of his seat the second they mentioned that Rojo would be dumping soy sauce on him while he’s surrounded by half naked chicks and he gets to film in a trampoline world. That’s all it took. Gronk’s a simple man who has famously saved all his money, living off Monster energy drinks and Six Star protein shakes for the last seven years, so what does he care about cash? They say family first and while Gronk is a family man, it’s boobs first for him. Nothing tops it. Not football, not money, not fame… it’s all just a means to boobs. If you lead with that then he’s going to agree every time.