Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Maced Three Workers At Wendy's Because Her French Fries Weren't Fresh?

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.28.16 PM

TSG- When Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson pulled her vehicle up to the drive-thru window at a Wendy’s near her Minnesota home Thursday afternoon, she had one specific demand, cops say. The 25-year-old Dixson “requested that the French Fries be fresh,” according to a court filing. That demand, however, prompted an argument between Dixson and Wendy’s employees, three of whom subsequently were interviewed by Coon Rapids Police Department officers. During the argument with the Wendy’s workers, Dixson allegedly “started to reach through the drive-thru window, so one employee threw a soda at her.” At that point, the workers reported, Dixson returned to her car and “grabbed her Mace, and started spraying it through the drive-thru window.” A Wendy’s manager standing at the window “got hit directly in the face causing burning in her eyes and difficult breathing.” Two other workers were hit with the spray, which caused burning pain and other discomfort.

Believe me, I wanna take the side of the mace-spraying lady here. I wanna live in a world where I can defend a lady for spraying mace at people who didn’t give her fresh french fries but I just can’t. Not everybody can have fresh french fries. We certainly can’t have people requesting fresh french fries. It sets a bad precedent. One person requests fresh french fries and next thing you know the whole world is requesting fresh french fries. You get fresh french fries when the world wants to give you fresh french fries. That’s how it’s supposed to work. You certainly shouldn’t mace people over fresh stench fries. Fresh french fries are like a four leaf clover. You can’t just demand a four leaf clover to appear out of thin air. They find you. Same goes for fresh french fires. They find you. It makes stumbling onto a box of fresh french fries that much more gratifying. And another thing, I don’t want to be able to request french fries. That shouldn’t be allowed. It takes the randomness away and that makes it a billion times less exciting.