Mookie Wilson's Logic About Getting Out Of A Slump By Believing In Dinosaurs Is The Best Advice Ever Given





So this picture went viral yesterday and is Exhibit A of why Mookie is so beloved, even if the entire article was a top notch parody. Mookie wasn’t the best player on the Mets but he was always happy and his name was Mookie. You have to be a real asshole (or racist) to dislike a guy named Mookie that is always happy. Whenever I have a bad blog day (which is probably even more common than I’d like to admit), I’m just gonna say I believe in dinosaurs, they believe in me, and then the dick jokes and dated pop culture references will start flowing no problem.

And if you are a hater that wants to poke logic in that quote, save your breath because it’s impossible to disprove. Either you don’t believe in dinosaurs like a weirdo (or Carl Everett). Or you believe in dinosaurs because you have a brain and they are awesome, which means they believe in you, and in turn anything is possibllllllllle.

Boom, slump broken. Believing in dinosaurs >>>> any other “traditional” slump busting method. Fact.

And if Mookie’s quote didn’t inspire you enough, check out some of the other “responses” from the 1986 Mets that are sorta believable because those motherfuckers were crazy.


*Starts backing away slowly*

Okay Ray, whatever you say!


I don’t care if the Mets let Wally Backman go before the season. I’ve never believed in the hashtags #FireTerry and #HireWally more in my life after reading that snippet.


Did Rafael Santana just go from the forgotten Met of the 86 team to my 2nd favorite Met (behind Mookie?). You’re goddamn right he did. If we had a Barstool Kansas, the “Kansas is the San Pedro de Macoris of flying shit” t-shirts would be getting printed right now.


This was clearly the moment Kevin Mitchell started down the road that led to him (allegedly) ripping off the head of his girlfriend’s cat.


Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell throwing random shit into the La Brea tarpits is the most believable story ever. I don’t think they even had to make any of this stuff up. This may be a real quote from Nails.


Shout out Daisy for always being a good girl and putting up a fight. Teeth the size of bananas are nothing to fuck with. However I can’t help but think about how Darryl’s career and life may have turned out if Daisy could have fought off that T-Rex and he became a righty instead of a lefty. Sliding glass doors, man.