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A Guy In A Wheelchair Got Triggered By A Dude Speaking Spanish To His Mom In An Airport, Went On A Deranged Racist Rant For The Ages

Full disclosure: I saw this video on Monday right after posting that woman being racist to another Latino guy at a mall and thought “Ahhh can’t do too much Latino racism in a day” despite how BANANAS (has to be dusted off for a video like the above one) of a situation this was. And I also thought “Fuck, the guy in the wheelchair says he served in the military, maybe this is PTSD from some sort of Mexican covert ops I never heard of.” And these were the reasons I passed on blogging it then.

But now that the video of this guy going off on another human just for speaking Spanish to his mom in public is blowing up nationally, I’m ashamed I didn’t blog it the first time. Not because I didn’t post it before everyone else. But because this guy is quite possibly the most unhinged racist in the country. There are a lot of people say racial things online, stuff they would never say in person. And while that’s awful, there’s at least something human in the fact that they wouldn’t look someone in the eye, say that kind of stuff while looking at another person, and somehow feel justified. But this guy Mike in the chair not only has that in spades, he’s also been triggered by the most basic shit in the world. This wasn’t some cholo in a shirt with only the top button connected doing stereotypical things. It wasn’t even a “They took errrr jibs” moment. It was a dude talking to his mom in another language. That’s the kind of freedom a guy like Wheels Up Mike here gave himself up for and he doesn’t even seem to realize it. Latino dude wasn’t trying to make Mike speak his language, he was just existing in our melting pot of a nation, being a good son. It’s twisted logic.


And while I would say the Latino dude couldn’t possibly be in the wrong here given how awful Mike was, I’m gonna have to give him a couple demerits for continuing on with this video for EIGHT MINUTES. I get Mike is an endless content machine of viral hate watch with a rant warranting a video that long. But to film a vet in a wheelchair and his also wheelchair’d lady (the sex in their relationship must be a delight in approximately 1,000 different ways) in the sort of patronizing way he did was a bit much. I totally get you wanna change people, wins some hearts and minds, but Mike is a lost fucking cause. If you can be that angry in the middle of crushing a McDonald’s meal in an airport, you’ve rolled past the point of no return.

PS This occurred in an airport, I’m also not ruling out it’s United’s fault. SUE SUE SUE