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Nothing But Respect For This Guy Who's Stood Outside A Dry Cleaner For A Week Saying They Suck

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I love a good grudge. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d be the biggest grudge guy on the planet, but because of the disabilities I was born with (laziness and apathy) you can wrong me and within a few days I’ll probably just say, “You know what, fuck it, we’re fine,” and genuinely mean that. Some may say it’s a gift, I look at it as a curse. I’m too lazy to hate.

You know who isn’t too lazy to hate? This fucking guy right here. He wakes up to hate and goes to sleep hating where he dreams in hate, and every iota of that disdain is directed at this dry cleaner for ruining what I’m sure is his high end clothing.

Just yesterday, yes 24 hours ago, I picked up laundry from my dry cleaners and one of my favorite sweatshirts was just gone. Gone, I tell you! It wasn’t shrunk or destroyed or anything, it had just vanished. You know what I did? I mumbled what the fuck those fucking motherfuckers and that was pretty much the end of it. I’d love to protest outside their building and go viral for such passion, but the fact of the matter is that I’m just missing whatever part of your DNA that emotion is supposed to be in and come next weekend, when I need laundry done again, I’ll go into that establishment with a smile on my face, hand them my clothes, then come back and pay them American currency for losing more of my shit.

Still, godspeed to this guy. Fighting the fight that cowards like me don’t have the ability to fight.