The Maryland Valedictorian Fires Back At The Haters, Doubles Down On His Choice To Drop Out 2 Weeks Early To Make "Billions"

Some public inconsistencies have come to my attention…
Does UMD have “a Valedictorian”?
Does Gio know other people’s GPAs?
Could Gio give a graduation speech at the comp sci graduation commencement if he wanted to?
Did he go through the application process for the speech?
No need to.
Did he decide to fail his classes before the speech?
Did he actually drop out of school two weeks before graduation?
Is he actually gonna become an entrepreneur?
Did he purposefully lie?
Did Gio feel the absolute need to title his article “The Valedictorian of UMD…” and use a crazy mind-boggling opener to try to make it go viral like no other because he was insanely inspired by the belief that the contents of his article were true to his heart, mind, and soul and needed to be shared with as many people as possible as soon as possible?
Did he hurt others?
Yes he did.
Public apology and respect to Tyler Good Cohn, Gregory Ridgway and all other Valedictorians who felt in any way belittled by my article. Hurting you guys was absolutely not my intention. All I did was experiment with a little marketing to try to get my point across to the whole planet… Apparently it kinda worked… Apparently I also became a meme… You guys are real Valedictorians. I’m an Ex.

MY MAN GIO.  After getting the story up yesterday and kicking back to watch the reaction, doing some thinking and hearing all the arguments, letting it simmer and marinate for a while, I decided: I’m so Team Gio it’s not even funny.  I mean how you can you not be after this response to the haters?  Literally titled, A MESSAGE TO ALL MY HATERS.  Talking in the third person.  Under no circumstances will he speak in any person other than the third.   Gio is under the boards.  Gio’s in the open.  Gio makes the shot.   That’s Gio.  That’s the way he talks.

Gio stunting on the entire internet.  Of course there’s no valedictorian you dummies.  Was the headline “The Kid Who Is Currently #1 Overall With Respect To GPA At The University of Maryland” going to grab your attention?  Ain’t nobody clicking on that shit.   It’s called artistic license.  Gotta do what you gotta do to get your message out there and if that means bending the truth in the headline a little bit then so be it.  Hate all you want…karma comes around, guys.

Does Keith respect this entire power move by Gio?