The Original "Get Out" Ending Leaked And I Think The One They Went With Got It That 99% On Rotten Tomatoes

Many people would say this ending is much more realistic.  A better representation of Jordan Peele’s ultimate goal which was to really show racism existing in the real world.  Those people are prob film snobs who don’t like to stand up on their seats and cheer and fist pump at the end when (SPOILER) the good guy wins and brutally murders the fuck out of all the bad guys then roll off into the night free with his best friend.

In the beginning when I was first making this movie the idea was, ‘OK, we’re in this post-racial world, apparently. That was the whole idea. People were saying, ‘We’ve got Obama so racism is over, let’s not talk about it.’ That’s what the movie was meant to address. Like look, you recognize this interaction. These are all clues, if you don’t already know, that racism isn’t over. […] So the ending in that era was meant to say, look, ‘You think race isn’t an issue? Well at the end, we all know this is how this movie would end right here.’ It was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie. […] There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the audience go crazy when Rod shows up.

Nailed it, 1000000% more satisfying.  Strangle that bitch!  Kill those motherfuckers!  Impale them all on the antlers!  Let’s gooo!

Also never forget when little Robbie Fox got Instagrammed by freaking Allison Williams.