Will This Play When Jae Crowder Stuffed Lebron James In A Locker Be The Play That Symbolized the End of Bron Bron's Career?

Listen I’m on the record as saying I think Lebron James is one of the greatest basketball players who has ever lived. But like all greats they eventually get old. Nobody can outrun father time. Well the clock may have finally struck midnight for Bron Bron. I mean it wasn’t just that he stunk up the joint last night. He was emasculated by Jae Crowder on this play. Lebron had position. This was his rebound. If he grabs this board the game is most likely over. Instead Jae Crowder muscled him out of the way, stuffed him into a locker and kicked it out for a game tying three. The rest is history. Now we are all left to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end of the Bron Bron era. I guess only time will tell. Regardless if you study the history of the game like I do you’ll always remember the time Jae Crowder bullied and battered poor Bron Bron on national TV.