If You Didn't Walk Out During Mike Pence's Notre Dame Graduation Ceremony You're An Idiot

ABC NewsA group of graduating seniors from the University of Notre Dame turned their backs on their own graduation ceremony in protest of Vice President Mike Pence, who gave their commencement address there on Sunday.

The protests, which were organized by a student activist group at Notre Dame called We Stand For, were staged in response to “marginalized people affected by Pence’s politics,” according to a Facebook post published by the group last week, which urged students to join them in the walk out.

If you didn’t walk out during Mike Pence’s graduation speech yesterday then you’re an idiot. I mean that. And that has nothing to do with politics. Zero. Couldn’t care less how you feel about Mike Pence. It has everything to do with graduation ceremonies sucking absolute cock. They’re the worst. They STINK. Packed out there like you’re on a train in India, in formal attire, stuck on a folding chair, trying to keep yourself cool with the old “use your program as a fan” move. Gross. I’m getting pissed off just writing about it. Graduation ceremonies suck and whoever created them should be shot.

So here you are, a graduating Notre Dame senior, and you’ve been given the greenest light of all time to walk right out of the ceremony… and you don’t take it? How embarrassing. If you don’t pounce on that opportunity then you actually NEED to listen and absorb every tiny piece of advice spewed to you from that podium because you have NO CHANCE in the real world. You’re a sheep and America’s glorious capitalist society is no place for sheep.

Because this…

…is a million times more fun than any commencement ceremony. Facts are facts.