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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Drunk Does Some Pole Dancing At Austrian Strip Club


(Source) She spoke out to defend her wild night at a strip club last week. And new images from her racy stint as a pole dancer prove Jennifer Lawrence certainly knows how to put on a show. The Oscar winner, 26, hit strip joint the Beverly Hills Club in Austria with a group of pals for a birthday bash and turned pole dancer as she whipped off her top to reveal a bralet underneath.

Man would I be PISSED if I was a patron of the Beverly Hills Club in Austria that night. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t an ugly girl by any stretch of the imagination but when I’m out at the booty club I’m not trying to see drunken celebrities stumble around on that stage, I’m there for the sexiness. I want to see titties and vaginas and butts, not wasted chicks in a bar. If that’s what I was looking for then I’d be at any college bar in the world, not a strip club.

This is like going to a baseball game at Fenway and seeing Ben Affleck step to the plate, it’s not what I paid for. Sure, there’s something that’s appealing about a celebrity participating and I guess it’s a little bit cool, but leave it to the professionals. They’re the ones who know what they’re doing out there and know all the moves to get me going. If Jennifer Lawrence isn’t acting out any Spooky Ghost leaks then I’d rather watch some Austrian chick who’s definitely not involved in a sex trafficking ring grind in my face.