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For The Low Price Of 4 Million Dollars You Can Have Your Very Own Bag Of Moon Dust

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WGNTV- It was one of the biggest moments in history; the Apollo 11 mission of 1969 brought man to the moon. There were also a few things that came back with the astronauts. While there, Neil Armstrong collected some moon dust and placed it in a bag. Turns out NASA forgot about the bag over time and accidentally auctioned it off with other space related objects for a little less than a thousand dollars. Nancy Lee Carlson, a Chicago area attorney, bought the bag at an auction. She was certain there was real moon dust inside, so after she bought it for just over 900 dollars, she sent it back to NASA for testing. NASA confirmed it was real moon dust and refused to give it back, saying they made a mistake. Carlson went to court over the matter and won. And now she is auctioning off the moon dust, where it’s expected to bring in about 4 million dollars.


Faaaaaaaaake. Fake as shit. FYI if you buy this bag of moon dust then we have a bridge, a warehouse of Ball Don’t Lie shirts and a warehouse of Bartsool branded fidget spinners to sell you. You’re the suckiest sucker that ever sucked if you buy this shit. I’m not a moon landing truther (well I kinda am actually) but I am a truther of artifacts that they supposedly brought back. Do you know how many people know what moon dust looks like? There’s like 12 of them and I think a couple are dead. That’s about 10 or so people who can verify that this moon dust is real moon dust. Seems fishy. It could be sand or ashes from a bonfire for all we know. I could go outside right now, pick up a rock outta Central Park, claim it was from the moon and make a gazillion dollars. Oh it says that NASA approved the moon dust? Well that’s convenient isn’t it. The people who want you to believe that the moon landing was in fact real are the ones who are confirming that moon dust exists? Feels like a conflict of interest if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the lady selling the “moon dust” Get yours babe. Clear that 4 mil and never work again. But just know that I know that it’s sand from your local beach.