Images Of Trump Abroad Are Simply Hilarious


So if you’ve successfully recovered from this fine-weathered weekend, you’ve probably noticed Donnie is on his first foreign trip as President. 9 days, 5 countries. He started in Saudi Arabia, is currently in Israel, and will make his way to Vatican City, Brussels, and finally Sicily for some G7 meetings Friday and Saturday.

Images of Donnie — in all his glory — abroad are simply, unmistakably hilarious.



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trump saudi arabia

Electric. A tradition unlike any other. Here’s Dubya doing the same shit…


…and here are Dubya’s famous moves in West Africa.

Here’s Bannon in the Kingdom.

Look, if you took pretty much anyone working for or reading this website, and dropped them into these same scenarios, with these same people, we’d all look awkward as hell. We’d all look more out of place than Ted Cruz playing with his kids.

But there’s something about taking Trump — with his ridiculous hair and his shit-eating grin — and dropping him smack dab in the middle of Riyadh. There’s something about this footage of Donnie standing there addressing Saudi leadership, assuming the role of a VERY SERIOUS global figure, delivering a very serious speech, to the very serious people of Saudi Arabia.


Just makes me laugh. Donnie America abroad. Predictably, some people loved Trump’s speech and other people hated it. I watched it — I thought it was pretty good. He was hard on terrorism and didn’t fuck up too many names. That’s a huge win in my book.

We’ll have more of Donnie Abroad all week. Looking forward to it.