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Melania Trump Wanted Zero Part Of Holding Donald's Hand In Tel Aviv

Ice cold from the First Lady. It’s not an underreported story by any stretch of the imagination but it’s not reported enough just how much Melania hates Donald. She hates his orange hair-covered guts. This was not the life she wanted. You think Melania married Donald Trump with the vision that he would one day be president and she would have to be paraded around the globe giving speeches and shit? No. Fucking. Chance. She wanted to be a trophy wife of a billionaire who saw The Donald maybe 6 times a year. Now she’s forced to fly with him everywhere for business trips and photo ops. So no. She’s not gonna hold his goddamn hand in Tel Aviv. I guarantee those two haven’t fucked since he was elected president. She’s withholding sex until he gets impeached. Maybe that’s why he does dumb shit all the time. He can’t have sex with his wife until this whole being the President of the United States is done with. Just a theory to chew on.