Kid Launches A Solo HR To Pull His Team To Within 3, Still Proceeds To Launch His Bat To Jupiter

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.19.56 AM

First thing’s first, Turco is a GREAT last name for a baseball villain. That name reeks of filth that can be associated with any evil MLB character from the fictional Duke Temple to the real John Rocker. Kind of love it. Now all we need is a heavenly protagonist like Jake Taylor (for Duke) or actual life (for Rocker) to smack Turco back to reality.

There’s unconfirmed Tweets the next two batters got (rightfully) plunked. I don’t know. Still, if entire team/staff weren’t at risk of getting suspended from life in 2017, the next time Turco stepped into the box then he deserved to be brushed back to the parking lot. You hit a walk off home run and it’s your Baseball God’s given right to toss your stick as far as the ball. Anything less than that, is uncivilized.

h/t Disston, who somehow holds that name but is not a stripper. I think.