New York Yankees Baseball: Week Seven (Cause For Concern)

Last Week: 2-4 not great at all. The Astros came to town and took us to the woodshed. Chapman went on the DL and the starting pitching began to show cracks in their armor. Still held onto first place though..

It was time for the Yanks to pack their bags and hit the road for two series away from the Bronx. A three game set in Kansas City seemed to awaken the stupor New York was in a week ago, but only for that momentum to vanish in Tampa Bay. I just don’t think it’s in the cards for the Yankees to win in Tampa Bay. It’s just not going to happen. There were great things that came out of the weekend, but also some alarmingly horrible things that have me sweating while writing this blog. Let’s do it folks…

The Catch

As I touched on yesterday Aaron Judge is literally Superman. What can’t this man do? He’s now tied for the lead in defensive runs saved by all right fielders. He’s fourth in WAR offensively in ALL OF BASEBALL. The dude wasn’t even in the camera shot to make that catch and before you could blink he was laying all out to make the grab. Corey Dickerson was STUNNED that the ball was caught. It didn’t make sense to him as he rounded third base ready to score. He still probably doesn’t know what happened. It was a massive play which prevented the Rays from tying the game and setting up the go ahead run on third with no one out. Getting swept by the Rays would’ve been terrible. After a relatively strong showing in Kansas City, a sweep to the lowly Rays would’ve been demoralizing. Beating Chris Archer on a day he racks up 12 strikeouts is rare and surprising to say the least, but Gardy’s 8th bomb of the year parlayed with a 4 for 4 day out of Didi made it happen.

CC Punches Back

Last week I talked about how it was only a matter of time before CC was to be demoted for Chance Adams at the rate they were both pitching. Well CC heard the boo birds from all directions and pitched like his job was on the line this week. On Tuesday night he stumped the Royals going 6.2 shutout innings allowing just five hits and striking out four in just 85 pitches. The contact friendly Royals were swinging at the first or second pitches all night long, allowing CC to cruise very economically. He knew the situation surrounding his recent horrible performances and pitched his fucking ass off. Yesterday he turned in another promising start, limiting the Rays to just one earned run over fives frames. Hats off to the big guy for locking in, especially when the rest of the pitching staff had a let down of a week.

Tanaka’s Big Time Struggles

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.44.10 AM

FOUR. That’s now four very bad starts in a row from the Yankees “ace” of the staff. I’ve lost essentially all confidence in Masahiro Tanaka and I think most of you guys have as well. Should he have had the surgery? Has it gotten to the point he’s lost the effectiveness of his fastball and splitter because of a dead arm again? Whatever it is, it’s really bad. Do we just put him on the DL and say it’s shoulder inflammation to cool him down? I’m very concerned he’s just going to opt-in to his contract and the Yanks will be forced to pay him $22 mill per over the three years. That would SUCK. Girardi said Tanaka will make his next start on Thursday for the day game against the Royals. If he struggles once again there’s going to have to be a decision made. Let’s just pray and hope for the best.

Joe Girardi Became Possessed

I’m chalking this one up to Tanaka being awful and Joe just letting his frustration out. Unreal freakout by Joe.

Heart Attack of the Week

Oh yeah no big deal just our two best players and CO-AL MVP frontrunners just colliding in foul territory. No big deal, nothing to worry about. I legit saw my life flash passed my eyes when this happened. Thank God everyone was miraculously okay. Just let Chris Carter get the next one fellas.

Chase Headley Error of the Week

It wasn’t a error, but I still laughed. Even balls hit right at Headley which are impossible not to catch if you’re a major league third baseman are an adventure for our boy Chase. I’m going to cut him some slack because he actually made a decent amount of diving catches this week, but I’m not putting them in here. If you want Chase Headley highlights go somewhere else. He STINKS and we may not have to see him much longer because….


OH BOY. Over the last two weeks our prized jewel Gleyber Torres was absolutely mashing in AA Trenton. Did I think he was going to get promoted this quickly? No fucking chance, but buckle up folks. His last two games in Trenton were played at third base, and you can expect that to become his permanent home in Scranton. After an awesome offensive month of April, Headley has seen his average plummet to .241 after hitting just .161 in the month of May. The errors continue to pile on and there’s just no need to keep this going on if the #2 prospect in all of baseball is sitting and waiting in the next room. No one is on a bigger hot seat than Chase Headley right now, and there may not be anything he can do to change the inevitable from occurring. The date is May 22nd. I’ll be surprised if Torres doesn’t make his major league debut by the all star break.

How Many Times Did Chris Carter Strikeout This Week?

In 20 plate appearances Chris Carter struck out nine times. To be honest though, this was the best week ever for Chris and I couldn’t be happier for the guy. On Tuesday, as I predicted from my time machine, the big guy went deep

I don’t know Chris obviously, but he just seems like the nicest guy in the world. Does it suck he has the single worst baseball swing in the history of the sport? Yes, but I root for the guy to do well because he’s just hilariously bad.. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything in my life as impressive as calling that Carter homer Tuesday night.

First Base Help On Its Way

Tyler Austin began his rehab assignment in AA Trenton over the weekend where he collected two hits in seven plate appearances. He played a little first base yesterday as well, and can’t be too far away from returning to the big league squad. Greg Bird is scheduled to begin some tee and toss today as he rehabs his bruised ankle. He’s still a ways away from getting activated off the DL, so hopefully Austin’s return helps get us SOME production out of first base. It’s insane the Yanks have been as successful as they have been without virtually any production out of first base.

Shirt of the Week

If you don’t own this yet you’re going to be jealous as fuck when everyone and their mother has one at the stadium this summer.

Looking Ahead

Tonight begins a four game home set with the Royals. The weather is supposed to be spotty at best all week, and tonight’s game might not even happen if the reports hold true. I’m hoping to take three of four against the Royals and then sweep the lowly A’s over the weekend. The Oakland A’s stink and are a team the Yanks should completely manhandle at the stadium. Even after a down-ish week, the Yanks still stand alone in first place in the AL East which obviously is exciting. Let’s hope the pitching staff turns it around gives us some length this week.

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Go Yanks