Isaiah Thomas's Season Is Over

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Brutal news. You knew when he didn’t come back and play yesterday that it had to be serious. We really aren;t going to get in a debate about Isaiah’s toughness are we? I mean I don’t know what this is but it’s probably not great

Thus concludes one of the best Celtics seasons in recent memory. Isaiah did things during the 2016-17 season that will stand in the Celtics record books for a long time. They don’t win 53 and get a #1 seed without him, they also don’t make an ECF just to get blown out without him either. We all hoped he would back up his big 2015-16 season, and he did that and then some. He played his way into becoming an All NBA player and one of the deadliest offensive threats currently in the league. Let’s not lose sight of that. It sucks we won’t get to see him the rest of this series, despite his struggles, simply because he is a fun player to watch. The season ends for him on a sour note for sure, but that doesn’t negate what a wild ride the year was.