James Comey Once Wore A Blue Suit So He Would Blend In With The White House Curtains And Avoid Trump (this is a real story)

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Business InsiderJames Comey, the ousted FBI director, once wore a dark blue suit to a White House gathering to blend in with the curtains because he hoped that would help him avoid being called out by President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Benjamin Wittes — a friend of Comey’s, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and the editor-in-chief of Lawfare — told The Times about the incident, which he said Comey described to him.

Wittes said Comey had discussed several encounters with Trump that had troubled him, including a ceremony for law-enforcement officials in the Blue Room in January, two days after Trump was inaugurated.

Comey told Wittes he did not want to go for fear of appearing too friendly with Trump.

NY TimesThe ceremony occurred in the Blue Room of the White House, where many senior law enforcement officials — including the Secret Service director — had gathered. Mr. Comey — who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing a dark blue suit that day – told Mr. Wittes that he tried to blend in with the blue curtains in the back of the room, in the hopes that Mr. Trump would not spot him and call him out.

“He thought he had gotten through and not been noticed or singled out and that he was going to get away without an individual interaction,” Mr. Wittes said Mr. Comey told him.

I was a little unsure where to fall on the James Comey firing until I heard this story. Now I’m all for it. Not because I don’t love the idea of our FBI Director trying to match his suit to the White House curtains so he can avoid the President. I respect the hell out of that. That’s snake it ’til you make it to the millionth degree. That’s doing whatever it takes to avoid human interaction. I love that. But I have to be all for ousting Comey because we can’t have the Director of the FBI thinking he can blend in fucking ANYWHERE when he’s 6’8. SIX FOOT EIGHT! Bro, blue suit or not, you couldn’t blend into the fucking Pacific Ocean at 6’8. That’s freak height. That’s “if you go to China you’re worshipped as a deity like C-3PO on the Forest Moon of Endor” type height. You think Donnie’s not going to notice you? The 6’8 FBI Director? WHAT?

Can’t have that lack of awareness. No wonder he was fired. Let’s not let him be the mastermind behind any covert CIA operations.