Of Course Idiot Tex Took A Hot Mic Into The Shitter During A Live Show

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Of course he did. Just when you think Tex couldn’t get any more stupid, he goes ahead and pulls a stunt like this…and totally redeems himself!!!! That was a Jimmy Dugan/Lloyd Chrismas length of urination. Well done? As far as almost ruining a live program with excretion, hey, shit happens. Anyone could forget to take off their mic that’s hot as they whistle while they piss. Just happy to see he didn’t Robert Durst himself and admit to hiding a body in his butthole of Bandera. And it STILL somehow wasn’t the worst way Tex sabotaged himself during that hour. We also discovered Tex’s father left his family. Spoiler Alert: It involves the Dairy Queen Drive-Thru, because why the fuck wouldn’t it? Texas forever.

Other than that, this Ice Age of a cold streak is starting to heat up. Don’t let Smitty get hot! No, seriously, God, because I have no idea what I’d do with myself.

PS – The first Barstool Hard Knocks video wasn’t ready to be put on the APP yesterday, so it should be done for Monday. I think. Probably not.